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Pilates Bundle

Roll out your mat and get ready to move all from the convenience of your own home.


Pilates is a full body workout that will sculpt, tone and strengthen while focusing on flexibility, mobility, posture and well-being. Pilates targets your whole core and builds a strong foundation for your whole body.


In the Pilates Bundle you receive 5 x Pilates videos as well as a bonus Pilates Cues video to assist you getting the best results.


Video 1 - is a 8 minute Pilates Cues video explaining common cues that you hear in Pilates and how to get the most out of your practice.


Video 2 - A super 35 minute Quick and Effective Pilates class for those on the go.


Video 3 - A 45 minute Steady Flow Pilates based on traditional Pilates mat class that will work your whole body and leave you feeling centered and strong.


Video 4 - A 30 minute BLT class ( butts, legs and thighs ) targeting the lower body.


Video 5 - A 40 minute Modern Mat Pilates class will benefit the whole body, improving body alignment, posture, strength and mobility.


Video 6 - A 45 minute Advanced Pilates class where you will work and move your entire body. In this class you will improve strength, coordination, and even get a sweat up along the way.


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