Frequently asked questions

Are your Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR) just for women?

Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) content is created by yourgentledom.com. Creating sensual Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) surrounding the needs & desires of women. yourgentledom.com Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) creates a fantasy-based experience incorporating your own personal Dom for your listening pleasure.

What exactly is Asmr?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, providing intense or "tingly" sensations. The goal of yourgentledom.com Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) is to create a fully immersive experience providing ultimate enjoyment for the listener every time they partake in the many fantasies yourgentledom.com has to offer. Guiding the listener through their erotic experience yourgentledom.com provides an open-ended recording where the listener decides when to reach their own conclusion.

Does yourgentledom.com also provide aftercare Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR)?

Yes, yourgentledom.com does provide aftercare (all though not erotic in nature) Audio Stories (ASMR). Aftercare audio stories (ASMR) utilize calming techniques, gently guiding the listener in becoming grounded within their surroundings. Aftercare Audio Stories (ASMR) are generally shorter in duration, giving the listener an opportunity to pair an Aftercare Audio Stories (Asmr) following any of yourgentledom.com Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR).

Do you provide Custom Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR)?

Yourgentledom.com provides custom Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) for an additional fee. You may also review yourgentledom.com pricing & time duration list located: Website PC Version: By clicking Custom Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) towards the top of yourgentledom.com home page. Website Mobile Version: By clicking the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner on the yourgentledom.com home page. Then select Custom Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) Once the Custom Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) has been selected, the listener will be taken to yourgentledom.com Custom Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr) portion of the yourgentledom.com website to submit a form detailing their most erotic fantasies. Upon completed submission of the form, payment will be due. Where yourgentledom.com creates an entirely original privatized experience tailor-made just for you. Providing you with your own personal Dom bringing all your deepest desires to life. Unlike our standard Erotic Audio Stories (Asmr), Custom Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR) allows an opportunity for the listener to decide whether or not they want yourgentledom.com to leave an open-ended conclusion or have the listener's private Dom conclude the session for them. At the same time, enjoying an ad-free, uninterrupted intimate listening experience.

What is included in the yourgentledom.com sign up & premium membership?

When you sign up as a free user on yourgentledom.com, you'll receive instant access to a limited library of full-length Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR) for you to enjoy. Like what you hear? Please join yourgentledom.com on our upgraded Premium page. Containing 1 brand new Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR) every week. With unlimited access to yourgentledom.com Entire Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR) library. For a recurring $9.99 monthly fee.

Where can I locate my account information?

You can locate your account information directly on the yourgentledom.com homepage in the top right corner under your profile or (click here)

What type of payments does yourgentledom.com accept for Premium Memberships?

All major credit cards are accepted using Paypal during checkout for yourgentledom.com Premium Memberships for yourgentledom.com are auto-billed monthly for $9.99/mo Premium Membership Subscribers can cancel their yourgentledom.com Premium Membership at any time. Which can be located on the yourgentledom.com homepage in the top right corner by clicking on my subscriptions under their profile or (Click Here)

Is there an App available for yourgentledom.com?

For the time being yourgentledom.com is exclusively available online only. All users & members may access yourgentledom.com via mobile device, pc, tablet etc. Allowing our listeners to enjoy a completely uninterrupted ad-free experience. You may also listen to our sample Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR) via instagram & twitter Our social media icons are located in the top left hand corner on the yourgentledom.com homepage for easy accessibility to our Erotic Audio Stories (ASMR) samples. We may create an app in the future as yourgentledom.com continues to grow expanding our library & content.

How & when is/ does my information get used?

Please refer to yourgentledom.com complete privacy policy & terms of service by clicking the link provided: (privacy policy) (terms of service)