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Mindset Training

Mindset Training


Your mindset is everything! ...

"Your energy flows where your attention goes" - Tony Robbins.

This an old adage but no less true in today's world and the first step to change your mindset is becoming aware of and accepting change. As the mind is no different to the physical body as it requires the right type of training and attention to remain strong and healthy. In saying this the best type of training for the mind is meditation and meditation is most effective while the body, mind and emotions are in balance.

Mindset Training is;

a personalised guided meditation tailored to your particular requirements and circumstances. This guided meditation will help induce complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation with emphasis on reshaping the direction of your life in a positive way while being relaxed with a receptive and open mind.

Through the determining of clear life goals and intentions via communication with Tanya and placing these positive intentions throughout the meditation which then provides the framework to release the limiting beliefs and replacing them with positive affirmations.

With Mindset Training you will have personalised attention with Tanya to ascertain your life goals and positive intentions for your journey ahead. From this information a unique mindset meditation will be created for you personally. This mindset training can be via zoom, face to face or recorded and downloaded at your convenience.


Mindset Training Packages

Your mindset is everything !

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